Upcoming Bot Shots Series 2 in mid 2013

Member named prime roller from tfw2005 message boards posted a selection of images from a Taiwanese Transformers catalog. Hasbro has a lot planned for Bot Shots in 2013 many of which are sad repaints, more beast hunters, and a few gems. Now you be the judge.

A new Skywarp mold that looks a lot like Transformers Animated alt mode.

Since when was Inferno yellow, who at Hasbro made this decision??? Slap a white star on a green mold and call him Hound. They could at least remolded the head and back spoiler piece.

We got a Kup and Blitzwing but no custom head sculpts. 

Here is a gem. Warpath which is a repaint of Brawl with new head sculpt!!! 

Crystal clear Jazz, beautiful!!!


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Upcoming Bot Shots Series 2 in mid 2013, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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