Bot Shots Series 2 – Wave 1, Launchers, 3 packs, & more 5 packs

You saw the first Series 2 figures hit stores recently, two 5 packs, Stunticons and Polar Assualt. Stunticons is a creative repaint of Series 1 Wreckers and the Polar Assualt is lack luster repaint with the white Bumblebee being the star of the bunch, some people call him Bugbite. If you’re just now catching up you can snag these guys from

More Series 2 are surfacing online as overseas pre-orders pop up, here to show you Wave 1 and new Launchers. Wave 1 is as we expected, shown to us at SDCC12, Sunstorm, Red Ironhide, Shockwave, and Bumblebee. These are the first to show off the new gimmicks Jump Shot, Flip Shot, and Spin Shot. I’m pretty excited about these especially the Red Ironhide and his mean grin! The pose some of these have is a little goofy.

Minus the new stunts they do on impact it’s important to point out two other differences from last year’s Series 1. That is the character design of this toys look more like the 3D animated characters from the online game counter part. (The place where you used those codes) Additionally you’ll notice the cool 2D drawings they had on the packaging is gone and in its’ place are the 3D character renderings again from the online game. I do miss the 2D drawings as the art style alone made for interesting packaging and it had a hint of G1 packaging where you’d find a drawing of the toy. The use of the 3D character might be a way to reduce cost in production and reinforce the link between the online game. I’ll let you be the judge. You can pre-order these from More 3 packs will surface with a new tank mold and the rest are recolors.

New launchers have been announced with what looks like a G1 design of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. As if we didn’t have enough of these guys. At least Hasbro is throwing us some G1 we should be happy. These launchers look like less thought was put into them as the launcher is just a ramp, not a part of the vehicle like Series 1 was. I’m not sure what those blue and red things are perhaps they are obstacles you can crash your Bots into.

Lastly two new repaint 5 packs have been leaked. With the pics we have these look to be more lame repaints. What is a slap in the face is Hasbro calling this pack of jets “Air Force” when clearly they could have called them Aerialbots to please collectors and G1 fans everywhere. Additionally Air Raid is a F15, he can be a black repaint of starscream and be done with it! Who is Quickslinger and Firestrike? If you look these two up you’ll find Quickslinger is a female bot who is a motorcycle and Firestrike does not previously exist. Part of me thinks they got the names wrong as they sound so close to the real G1 names “Sling”shot & “Fire”flight. I feel like this was a perfect opportunity for a killer repaint like the Stunticon 5 pack, but they missed it. Perhaps someone will do the Aerialbots justice someday as Bot Shots. 😉


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Bot Shots Series 2 - Wave 1, Launchers, 3 packs, & more 5 packs, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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