Making Custom Muggs – Prepare the Surface

Prepare the Surface

Get Your Mugg
Before you can start painting you need to prepare your surface. I use the blank white Mighty Mugg as a start. With the gloss primer that they come with it doesn’t help with absorbing the spray well. So I’d recommend if you plan to use spray paint to sand the mugg down and apply a white matte primer. Use a gray colored primer if you plan to paint it black.

Blank White Mighty Mugg

Sand On Sand Off
When sanding I’d start with a grit 220 grade and get the majority of the primer off. Then go with a grit 400 and finish it off. You’ll notice with the P400 the surface should be baby butt smooth. On average this sanding process can take about 30-45mins. Wrap your sand paper around a flat piece of cardboard to give yourself a flat edge to get into small places or if your hands are tired this can give you better support to sand faster.

Norton 400 Grit Sandpaper

Wash Your Mugg, Protect Your Lungs
Before you start spraying primer make sure you have washed your mugg to ensure all the sanding dust is gone. Wipe the mugg down, shake it, and make sure all the water is gone. Find an open and non-windy place to spray the primer. Please make sure you are wearing a filtered spray mask. The cheap ones that look like hospital masks are no good, you’ll be breathing the spray in and it’s no fun and can even kill you. The filtered spray masks cost $20-30 bucks and have a filter for air coming in and for air going out. If you have bad allergies these masks even keep the pollen out too! I setup up a big piece of cardboard and parchment paper on the ground. If you have a cardboard box to┬ábring your mugg higher that is helpful for spraying up under the head or under the arms.
Primer Time
The white primer I use is Rust-olum painter’s touch white primer and can be bought at your local hardware store for $4 bucks. Before you spray make sure you shake the can for 20-30 seconds. If you don’t the paint could come out in splatters. Ensure when your spraying that your nozzle does not get clogged as it could start to splatter also. Most importantly spray light coats. A work friend recommended this and it may take a bit longer to do multiple coats but it reduces paint spreading, dripping, or looking thick coats. Start spraying off your item then make a pass over and off, then another pass back over and off. Your first coat should be light and you should be able to see through the primer. Second pass should look a bit thicker where you vaguely see under the primer, try to start spraying over areas in the cracks and corners so areas of your first pass don’t get too thick. The third and last pass should have an even coat all over.

White Primer Spray Paint


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