The best tape! Scotch Blue

I’ve been having some trouble with the artist’s tape I bought at the local frame store. Its’ stickiness is not as strong as normal masking tape and I’ve been reducing its’ stickiness by applying it to my pants/clothing and it still seems to take up even dry paint. Super frustrating!

Mixmaster - head/legs taped off with Scotch Blue

Yesterday I picked up some Scotch Blue tape at my local hardware store. On the packaging it says, “Advanced Delicate Surfaces“,”NO Surface Damage”,”Leaves NO Residue Behind”. At first use you’ll notice it barely has any stickiness and feels really thin. Upon taping off an area on Mixmaster (Yes, I’ve started Mixmaster!) and giving it a test, it went on nice, and when I took it back off noticed that the 30min dry paint didn’t take off. I’d recommend you give it a try. I use tape a lot to quickly block off areas and hold down construction paper to block off large areas, so finding this will be a huge time saver for me. I hope it saves you time too!

Scotch Blue - Advanced Delicate Surface


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