Thrust – Bot Shots Custom

Another Bot Shots custom seeker, this time it’s Thrust! I’ve seen someone else take this approach, make it so when the front is snapped to the head that the arms won’t fold down.  Another option is to mold the head so it has the point on it.

In order to make the front snap to the head without the arms folding down you have to cut into the top of the arms. You’ll end up with a gap on the sides but the look we’re going for is worth it.

I’ve taken Acid Storm and cut his wings off and glued on Powerglide’s wings. They work perfectly! I’m not liking how the paint on the wings turned out. If I make this again I may add less paint detail on the wings. Let me know what you think.

This is really cool to look at, a comparison of it sitting with Starscream.
If you really want to complete your seeker collection you’ll want to pick up Thrust.


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