Ironhide & Starscream Launchers – Wave 2

The new Ironhide and Starscream launchers are in stores. Finally the wait is over and boy was it worth it! We’ve seen the Ironhide for a long time but the Starscream flew under the raydar.

Starscream is a gray plastic like the TF movie color.

What an amazing launcher! Other than its amazing design, the launcher doesn’t seem to close all the way. Gray of Starscream and Silver of launch doesn’t match well.

Looks very cool with a Seeker ready to be launched!

Recently I’ve run into some issues with Bot Shots legs not locking. I’ve found this on this Starscream and some figures in the Battle for Matrix set.

He ain’t no G1 red but it will have to do. We all know Ironhide packs some serious firepower but this is nuts!

His launcher design doesn’t really make sense. The overall shape kinda hints to the G1 van, but with all the added buzzsaw, cannons, and treads it is just doing too much. The opening is a bit taller than needed.

Don’t get in the way of this when it launches!
¬†Unlike the other launchers this one’s opening isn’t wide enough for Ironhide’s backside. You kind of just have to shove it in.

No doubt worth getting both of these but I hope for future launchers Hasbro ties in the theme of the launcher with the character and it makes sense with the TF lore.







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