Huffer – Bot Shots custom

The latest Bot Shots custom is Huffer! He is a repaint of Optimus Prime with much tweak. This turned out really nice for many reasons which I’ll walk you through. The paint job and re-sculpt is themed after the G1 figure. As you probably notice from the below image Optimus’ head has been shaved down to reveal Huffer’s head. 

Check out the image above, notice Optimus’ mini trailer is removed and added is a spoiler so in robot mode he will stand up(barely). That spoiler is taken from Sentinel Prime’s spoiler and trimmed down to fit its’ new location.
Which is the baddest truck on the road?
Little Huffer can hold his own, he works with the Optimus Prime launcher.

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Huffer - Bot Shots custom, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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