Long Haul Constructicon – Custom Mighty Mugg Design

I stubbled across a funny cartoon drawing of Long Haul and he is looking at the plans to Devastator. Scratching his head he says, “What? I’m the crotch?!” Pretty funny.

I had a lot of fun designing this guy. The use of space on his chest was a little tricky as the cockpit and smoke stack are paralell with his head on the toy. In his legs I tried to get in a lot of perspective to depict the hawler bed portion of the dump truck.
The head was a where all the fun happened. The toy’s head is mostly black where as in the original cartoon his head is mostly light gray. I decided to make this design interesting I would go off the shape from the toy but use the light gray colors from the cartoon. I’m not entirely happy with the head. I’ll revisit it soon and make improvements.


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