Bot Shots Series 2 – Spring 2013

I’m sure you’re probably curious on where Hasbro is going to take the Bot Shots toyline. Well at SDCC 2012 they revealed it’s direction for the rest of the year as I noted in the Wave 5 post and Bot Shots series 2 which will be releasing Spring of 2013! I know that seems like a long ways away so here are some screenshots to keep you satisfied.

From what I understand with Bot Shots Series 2 they will come with new gimmicks that make smashing Bot Shots together more interesting. As shown below there are four new actions which happen upon impact; flip, jump, spin, and blitz.

How many Bumblebees do we need? Flip is where when the bot collides it flips in the air and lands on its’ feet.Series 1 ends with a Shockwave and Series 2 starts with a Shockwave, not well planned. Jump means when it collides the bot will jump. I wonder if it will land on its’ feet too?Finally a G1 red Ironhide! Upon collide it will spin. Somehow I don’t think Ironhide does any spinning ever.The seeker collection keeps growing! Blitz seems like something that might happen on the way to impact and could be a pull back and release go action. Or it could just be what they are calling the normal push it with your hands. Seems odd if when it collided it had an extra force to blitz forward more.

Here is detailed shots of the flipping Bumblebee. The robot mode looks a little generic with the bunched up arms, but I really like the car mode. Looks like it is influnced by Transformers Prime design.

Just in case you want to see the paint design from every single angle here is a shot of Bumblebee. Prime fans will be very happy.I’m a big fan of toy packaging and here is a shot of Bot Shots Series 2 Bumblebee. Notice the detail about his gimmick and the other bots in Series 2 on the back.

Overall I am pretty excited about series 2. The gimmicks I could see coming as to keep the toyline fresh. I believe these gimmicks are not necessary though and seem like a year too early. They could have easily gone another year of doing other characters like Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Soundwave (TFA), Cliffjumper before redoing the same characters with new gimmicks. What I’m hoping series 2 will bring us is new vehicle molds and head sculpts of our favorite G1 characters. Including characters from combiner sets.


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