Bot Shots Launchers – Ironhide and Starscream

With the release of the Bot Shots launchers Optimus Prime and Megatron I’ve been pretty excited now that we have a device to shoot our Bot Shots from. But recently I’ve been wondering when will they follow up with a wave two? On the wiki it is stated that wave 2 will consist of Ironhide and at one time Ratchet was listed as a wave 3. At Botcon 2012 it was noted on display that the Ironhide launcher would hit stores in June. We’ll June has past and still no new launchers. I recently found an image from Hasbro’s site leaking a shot of the Starscream launcher shown below. That is clearly the Seeker Jet mold at the front.

At SDCC 2012 there was a packaged Starscream launcher at the Bot Shots display.

In the Hasbro Toyline panel they showed more info about the Fall 2012 Bot Shots line and in that they showed more detailed pictures of the Starscream launcher. This also confirms that Starscream will be in a wave 3.

Additionally in the Bot Shots online game there is a Starscream Bot Shot that you can unlock with an item number similar to other Bot Shot launchers. This Starscream is a darker gray matching the toy panel information.
I don’t see any dates on when these are coming out so we’ll just have to wait it out and hope these guys will hit stores soon.


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