Bot Shots Wave 5 – Shockwave Chase, Megatron Truck, Roadbuster, drawings of Skywarp and Armored Mask Bumblebee

Hey Bot Shot fans,

At SDCC 2012 Hasbro confirmed what figures will be in Bot Shots wave 5 with detailed pictures. Additionally I wanted to share some images I’ve found from Hasbro on up coming toys for Wave 5.

As noted on the wiki for a while it has listed the figures up to wave 5 and recently Hasbro has confirmed images on those figures for wave 5.

Shockwave is the same model as the Shockwave in the recently released 3 pack, but his plastic is the Chase transparent in purple. His chest stats will most likely be new. The Shockwave mold is a great double barreled tank form and I love the transparent purple. It will quickly be my new favorite Chase figure.
On package to the left you can see the drawing of Skywarp, G1 fans will be in suspense to finally complete their G1 Seeker collection, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.

I’m not a big fan of the Movie themed Bot Shots yet the fact that they choose to do all of the Wreckers this is pretty cool and DOTM fans should be rejoicing. The Wreckers are a small  commando unit of Autobots originally created by writer Simon Furman and have been in other Transformer Universe comics. Roadbuster will be the third and most likely last DOTM Wrecker to be released as a Bot Shot.
On the packaging to the left you can see the drawing of Armored Mask Bumblebee. It will most likely bee the car mold of wave 1 Bumblebee with a new chest/head mold. A cheap attempt at delivering a new figure while reusing a mold, but I know there are Bumblebee fans out there and will do anything to get this guy. The Megatron Truck Chase figure was a better attempt at reusing and making a new figure as it had a new chest/head mold and the back half of the truck mode was new.


Speaking of the Megatron Truck here he is again but with a solid paint approach. As you see in image above it is great to finally see this guy fully painted but it looks on the plain side. I would have liked to see some silver detail on the legs and arms which is pretty standard on most Bot Shots and additionally paint detail on the truck windows and back trailer part.

Wave 5 will most likely be the last wave from series 1 Bot Shots. I could see a wave 6 in December but no information on that. The Bot Shots release schedule has been a new wave every other month, wave 3 was in June, wave 4 is looking like August, so that most likely means wave 5 will hit in October.


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Bot Shots Wave 5 - Shockwave Chase, Megatron Truck, Roadbuster, drawings of Skywarp and Armored Mask Bumblebee, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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