Transformers Bot Shots Customs – Stunticons

This is a Bot Shots customs project with Motormaster, Wildrider, Dead End, Breakdown, and Dragstrip making up the Stunticons. I had a variety of vehicles to some what match the Stunticons. Wish there was a variety of Deception heads. Not all Bot Shot parts are interchangeable. Spray paint went on pretty good and surprisingly minimal paint bleeding issues.

One of my favorite combiners the Stunticons! These crazy dare-devil vehicles are the true kings of the road. Created by Megatron after he had enough of those pesky Autobots.

Additional pictures below.


Drag Strip is a repaint of Lockdown
Wildrider is a repaint of Bumblebee with spoiler removed.

Motormater is a front half repaint of Megatron(truck) and back half repaint of Optimus

Dead End is a repaint of Mirage

Breakdown is a repaint of Prowl with siren removed

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Transformers Bot Shots Customs - Stunticons, 4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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