Nike Jordan 4 Retro – Black/Safety Orange-Game Royal

Totally off topic but let’s talk Jordan’s for one post.

Posting these pics for Jstar from Youtbe. This is my first pair of Jordans and I used to educate myself on where to buy legit Jordans and how to tell reals from fakes.

I bought these Nike Jordan 4 Retro – Black/Safety Orange-Game Royal from From what I know these look legit. I’m hoping to get others feedback. I’m really happy with this purchase as these shoes look really sick and are for the most part free of issues.

There are 3 minor issues that I’d like to point out and if you have any tips on how to address them that would be helpful. There are minor smudges on the toe that I’ve circled, which I believe they can be cleaned. There is a bit of string sticking out from the edge of the toe which I’ve circled. Thin line of glue at one of the toes which I circled. These 3 issues can only be seen if view up close.

Thanks agian to Jstar, his vids, and site for the help!


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Nike Jordan 4 Retro - Black/Safety Orange-Game Royal, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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