Adding Detail – Printer Your Own Decals

Do you want to show detail on your custom Mighty Mugg without the hassle and pain of painting it on? Well here is a huge time saving option, print your own decals!

Yes, you heard me right. Ever built a model airplane and it came with those water, slide on decals? Well this is exactly what they are. There are some limitations which I’ll mention later, but for the most part they have worked out perfect for me. Most importantly they look professional and have saved me days of work if I’d sprayed the detail on!

Here is some pics of what is involved and the results I’m getting. These bottle of liquids are to seal the ink onto the decal paper and the other is to help fixate the decal on the surface. Sponge is to help apply the liquid. The sealing liquid will leave residue so prepare your surface when applying.

Here is my art printed on the decal paper. The art was taken from my Mighty Mugg design which was drawn in Adobe Flash for vector scaling and printer quality. It was printed from Photoshop because Photoshop gave me printing options I needed to print this.

Couple of the Constructicons without the decals applied. See how I left blank areas where the decals will go and this let’s me not have to do a lot of spray paint detail. If done would have take days to do professionally.

Here is Scrapper with this decals applied. Be very careful with applying them from the water to the Mighty Mugg as they can tear. Once dry, I spray on some matte finish surface protection spray. It may be hard to make out but the yellow does not show up well on the silver. Do some practicing to ensure certain colors will show up on certain painted surfaces. Red shows up great on the silver. I’ll have more to share soon as I apply decals to the other custom Mighty Mugg.



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