Mold making Smooth-on kit

I got this mold making kit from Smooth-on. I scuplted Long Haul’s gun out of Super Sculpey. Here is how it turned out.

In order to make a mold you have to create an area where the mold can form. The image below is a boxed off area and the sculpey gun is half buried in this clay.

Image below is the mold material poured in the area. Let it harden for 8hrs.

Here is after I’ve made two halves and poured in the plastic material and after 30mins it hardened. Because I sculpted it from Super Sculpey I wasn’t able to get a perfect shape. If you look up close there are some human error in the crafting. There are some other ways to create the piece other than Super Scupley which I’ll talk about in a later post.

Here is the gun cleaned up and in the hands of Starscream, pretty cool! There is coloring you can add to the plastic solution to make the gun black. I’ll have to look into those in a later post. I’ll also look into other plastic solutions where I can get a more rubber feel more appropiate to Mighty Mugg guns.





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