Constructicons Custom Guns – Super Sculpey

Here I’ll be making a model of each gun. This model will be used in the mold making process. To make a model you can use Super Sculpey it is mold-able material like clay that is soft at first and once you put it in the oven it will harden. While it is soft shape it into the basic shape of your item you want to make. Don’t worry about too much detail, we will do that later. Once you’re done with the basic shape, set your oven to 275 degrees. Place your Super Sculpy object on a cooking sheet and leave it in for 15mins. It should be hard. Let it cool for 15mins, in the image below is what my guns look like after out of the oven.

Constructicons Guns fresh out of the oven.

 I placed Prowl’s gun for reference. See the gun on the left a little piece broke off, I’ll have to super glue it back on. For the handles and barrels I used some wire inside for extra support. The next post I will be carving out the detail and sanding out the final touches. Stay tuned.


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