Transformers Bot Shots wave 2

I’ve been pretty excited about these Transformers Bot Shots mostly because their toy design is a cute version of our favorite Transformers. I’m keen on the whole mini game concept that comes along with the toy, even though I don’t have anyone to play with.

I’ve read that wave 2 is coming soon but didn’t think it would be this soon. I found at my local Toys R’ Us some wave 2. Instead of being in single packs these come in 3 packs. On the packaging it says it is a super value but the price was $14.99 which is $2.99 cheaper than buying 3 singles so it is more like a small value. Either way you can’t get any of these in a single packs, so buy away!

The pack on the left comes with Nemesis Prime (dark color of original Optimus Prime), Megatron (black version), and Acid Storm. Acid Storm is a recolor of Starscream but the plastic is transparent green, similar to the transparent red version of Sentinel Prime. There will be another Megatron coming out that is brown, which I’ll detail later in this post.

The pack on the right comes with Sentinel Prime (fully painted, solid red plastic), Prowl, and Bumblebee (dark yellow). All these figures have new stats even the dark yellow Bumblebee has different stats from the original light yellow Bumblebee in wave 1.

Other wave 2’s that i’ve seen but not in stores is the launcher figures. There is an Optimus Prime and a Megatron (brown repaint). Each come with a launcher that you snap the vehicle to and press a button to have the vehicle launched out. Looks pretty cool for the kids who use these to play with. I’m not going to be big on them unless they came out with a new model vehicle.


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