New Avengers Mini Muggs are out! – Time to Custom

They’ve been for pre-order on Hasbro’s site for some time and they are finally appearing in stores. A friend of mine picked some up last week and today they showed up in my local Toys R’ Us.

Standing one next to a Mighty Mugg it is amazing how much smaller the minis are. I’m not buying these because I’m a fan of Avengers, I’m buying them to customize and repaint as a small Transformer. Since they are single boxed I can customize everything. Where as previous mini muggs have been in elaborate packaging like the Maximum Carnage or the 3 pack Star Wars mini muggs. With these there are some with out guns or weapons in their hands so customizing has more options.

I’ve already sanded Iron Man and Hulk and I’d recommend customizing the Hulk because it only has one coat of paint. The Iron Man has two coats, underneath the metallic red is another silver metallic coat. It takes about 10-15 more minutes to get off. Because the figure is a lot smaller it is difficult to get into most spots around the arms, Hulk is the way to go.

I’ll be posting some ideas for these to be customs soon.


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New Avengers Mini Muggs are out! - Time to Custom, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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