Transformers Bot Shots Wave 1

Hey guys I decided to take a small break from the custom Mighty Muggs posts and give you some real Transformers toys. I first found a review of these on Youtube from peaugh. I thought they were pretty cool, simple, and cheap. The Toys R’ Us and Target stores around where I live don’t always carry the latest toys, but luckily I happened to find these.

Transformers Bot Shots are small vehicles that once you crash one into something will automatically transform and a stat is displayed, they function as a toy and a mini game. In their vehicle mode they look very cute and are most likely designed for young children. I get a kick out of these and think they are really cool, mostly because they are small representations of the Transformers characters that we all know and love. Similar to Transformer Robot Heroes line, but with function!

Bot Shots Wave 1

The game is, you and your friend crash both your Bot Shots together and who ever has the highest stat displayed wins. You can change the stat to 1 of 3. The plastic that displays the stat spins to reveal 2 other stats, turn it to the stat you want, close the Bot Shot, and get ready to roll it into your friend’s Bot Shot. Pretty simple. Below are all the stats of wave 1.

From what I’ve read Sentinel Prime is the rare toy in the wave and is limited to 1 per box. There are rumors of wave 2 coming out soon. I hope to post ’em as I get ’em.


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