Optimus Prime VS. Megatron – Custom Mini Mugg Design

With the release of the new Avenger Mini Muggs we’ll be seeing some double packs. Hulk vs. Abomination, Silver Centurion vs. Iron Monger(shown below), and a couple more. This is really cool and I can’t wait to customize this as Transformers.
The first custom mini mugg double pack I’ll be tackling will be Optimus Prime vs. Megatron. Pretty much a classic pair and something you’ve seen Hasbro do in their other Transformers toy lines. Below is the final design and as you can see I went with the cartoon look, which I am very fond of.

Optimus VS Megatron

I didn’t have any issue with designing Optimus. I really like how the face and leg detail turned out, as using limited colors can be a challenge. With Megatron I messed with the head for a while, the slightest of detail can really make a difference whether it looks like him or not. There is very little room on his chest to get all the detail of his torso, you’ll see I just drew them has squares of color. I am really proud of how the head and the legs turned out. The subtle curve of detail in the legs depicts the handle of his gun form. I’ll consider making their guns for them to hold if there is time.


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