Bonecrusher Constructicon – Custom Mighty Mugg Design

For a long time as a child my Devastator was missing an arm. He was missing this guy, Bonecrusher. I remember distinctly even before I got him a friend in my 6th grade class had him just sitting in his desk and i would transform him any chance i got.

The design of the body was pretty easy to do. His legs are very similar to Scavenger’s and the chest is defined by the big rectangle detail design, which I’m hoping I can do with a print decal. I had the most fun designing the arms as the front is silver like the toy with the defined markings inspired from the toy arm stickers.

The most challenging part of this design was the head. Similar to the challenges of Long Haul’s head I went back and forth with two directions for it. One was inspired from the toy, which honestly didn’t look that great and visually wasn’t making a strong impression. The other design was based on how his face looked in the original cartoon, where it had more defined facial features. This option gave him more personality and ultimately was what I went with.


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