Hook Constructicon – Custom Mighty Mugg Design

For those of you who had this figure you’ll know that it was prone to breaking. The extending hook piece was made of thin plastic, the hook tip was prone to breaking, and the spinal metal section could get very loose.

He was my favorite of the six for a couple of reasons. The design of the transformation was the most interesting how it would extend and turn in half. Of all the Constructicons on the original cartoon he was the most intellectual/smart and he of course was the top section of Devastator to form the head.

I tried to keep the design simple as with some of the others I’m painting I’ve made them too complicated and they are becoming time consuming. To do the complicated looking detail on the chest and wheels I’ll be testing out some sticker decal prints. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain the quality and vibrant color. I’ll keep you guys posted as he develops.


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